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“I'm a person of size and I also have limited mobility.  When we bought a house a few years ago where all the toilets were in those tiny water closets, I thought I was doomed.  I lived in misery for more than a year, and then I discovered the Spaloo.  The angels sang! The Spaloo works as advertised. It does the job without toilet paper.  There's no pain and no maneuvering in tight spots.  It's reliable, and it's a lifesaver for people like me. I've had several friends buy them after trying mine because it helps people with arthritis and other mobility problems. When people go to our powder room and see the Spaloo, the first thing they do is laugh.  Then they try it, and they want one. Try it.  This is money well spent.”
Kathy H Kidd, Sterling, VA

“My mother, who is 90 years old and in a motorized wheelchair, loves her Spaloo. She says it is the best gift she’s ever gotten, and it’s clear she’s being spoiled. When comparing it to her cold, hard shower seat, she patted her Spaloo and said, “now I’m accustomed to better treatment!” I am glad I bought it for her; it’s made her life (and mine) a little bit easier, and she feels like she’s being pampered every day. She is also impressed by its reliability.”
Dr. Marcella Marcey, Falls Church, VA, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist

"After spending time in Japan, I fell in love with these toilet seats. Spaloo packs all those comforts into one economical unit with much better quality! Now, I hate to use any bathroom outside of my home!"
Mario Gatto, Toledo OH, Engineer

“I am a mother of three who is physically disabled due to a spinal cord injury I suffered over 20 years ago. At first I was not sure that the Spaloo seat would be strong enough to allow me to transfer from my wheelchair to the seat without breaking it. But I discovered it is actually stronger and more durable than a regular toilet seat. It's just a great product. It lives up to its reputation. If you have any concerns about weight issues, transferring, anything like that, this is the best product your money can buy."
Maureen Simonson, Falls Church, VA, Registered Nurse

“Typically, you spend a lot of money on luxury products. The Spaloo is the best “affordable” luxury product I’ve ever purchased. Everyone that comes into my home is amazed and I feel great about my contribution to living greener. The health benefits are a big perk. All around, this is the best product on the market today”.
Jake Adler, New York, NY, Interior Designer

“All pros! Much cleaner than using paper alone. CLEAN AND COST SAVINGS
This is a great product and a wonderful price.  We first experienced this type of seat while on vacation in Japan.  We really wanted to take it home with us. We searched for years but couldn't find one that fit our budget. When we remodeled our master bath the Spaloo was our first purchase.  It's so great for the early morning bathroom trips to sit down on a warm seat. Buy it you won't be disappointed.”
Michelle Ortega, Tulsa OK


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